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Discourses On the Sufi Path
by the Master of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order
In the Tavern of Ruin
Seven Essays on Sufism.
Sufi Symbolism
The Nurbakhsh Encyclopedia of Sufi Terminology: Dr Nurbakhsh talks about inspiration, revelations, lights, charismatic powers, states, Love, lover, Beloved, etc.
The Great Satan 'Eblis'
Who is Satan in the eyes of the Sufis?
by Dr Javad Nurbakhsh. What really is sufism? My beloved Master talks about gratitude, patience, trust-in-God, aspiration, veracity, zeal, valour, altruism, shame, fear and hope, contraction and expansion, intoxication and sobriety.
Divani Nurbakhsh
Sufi Poetry by Dr Javad Nurbakhsh
In the Paradise of the Sufis
by Dr Javad Nurbakhsh. You might have read this bestseller yet!!!!!!
Jesus in the Eyes of the Sufis
Question: Who really was the Christ? Answer: Only Love!
The Psychology of Sufism (Del wa Nafs)
Learn more about sufism and psychology! by the former head of the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Tehran (Iran).
Traditions of the Prophet
The authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad.
Beyond Faith and Infidelity
The Sufi poetry and teachings of the Sufi Master Mahmud Shabistari by Dr Leonard Lewisohn. Simply great!
Divan of Shams Tabrizi
What Rumi says about Love...
The Mystical Dimensions of Islam
True Islam is love, only Love!
Mystical Union in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
"An Ecumenical Dialogue" says the author.
African Islam and Islam in Africa
Sufis and Islamists face to face.
The Alchemy of Happiness
Imam Al-Ghazzali.
The Art and Architecture of Islam
Love is Art. Art is Divine.
The Bektashi Order of Dervishes
The Teachings of Hajj Bektash.
The Mystery of Numbers
By Annemarie Schimmel.
Faith and Practice of Islam
William C. Chittick about Three Thirteenth Century Sufism.
Islamic Spirituality
by Seyyed Hossein Nasr.
The Passion of Al-Hallaj
Louis Massignon about a mystic and martyr of Islam.
The Whirling Dervishes
In other words the teachings of the Great Rumi.

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I am the arbiter of the law of love, the live coals
For those who long for God, the fire of their souls.

I am the Guide of the one who travels to Divine
Unity on my feet of aspiration;
I am the royal plume of the soaring birds in the
firmament of Love.

I am the kindly guardian of the Ka'ba of peace and
of purity;
I am the door and the threshold of the house of
sincerity and fidelity.

I am the wine-giver of the stalwarts of the Magian
tavern of ruin;
I am the warmth of the hearts of all people, be
they believers or not.

The Sufi has no miracles but that of non-existence;
Who am I? I am the sign and the manifestation of

When drunk and without self, I rule the
realm of existence,
When I come back to myself, I am less than that
which is least.

With the tongue of the Beloved I discourse
without ego;
I am Nurbakhsh, the Life-giver to man and the
material world.


I was asking so much questions about mankind and universe. I stopped the day I met my Master. The Master of Divine Love. The Master of the masters. And now I am free. Free from any kind of fright. Because I know now that nothing can happen if it is not with His Will.

What is Sufism?
What is Islam?

Now here is another mystical poem for you, o seeker on the Path of Love!


O Physician of lovers,
behold me-afflicted, bewildered
I am dying of distress: come,
and behold the effect of Your treatment

A lifetime I've laid my head
upon Your threshold :
Take Your wretched one in hand;
behold Your own kindness!

You had said You’d accept anyone
who turned toward You:
Look at how love has consumed me in Your lane,
and behold how I've honored my pledge!

Traceless and placeless,
You have no need of the world.
Ever constant in Your Necessary Being,
behold the transformation of contingent being!

For how long, O Host, will You continue
to ignore this and that?
Gaze across Your banquet table of plunder
and behold the face of Your guest!

I am but transitory, created,
unworthy of the rank of the Uncreated.
See how remote my despair;
behold how close Your mercy!

Your tresses are my unbelief,
Your countenance my faith;
0 You who exist beyond faith and unbelief, look
and behold this Moslem!

You are the Bestower of light on all existence
the Creator of turmoil throughout the world.
The people of this world are the ball on Your field :
behold how Your polo-stick strikes them!



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