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Ya Haqq !!!





O Sufi!

There are two types of people. The behavior and thoughts of the first type are constructive and that of the second type destructive. Try to assist the first group through love and encouragement and guide the second group through friendship and understanding.

Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

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Guiding Others

The first condition in guiding people is to be kind to them and consider them higher than yourself. The second condition is that you not be self-centered, seek personal gain, or be hypocritical: that you practice what you preach. The third condition is that you not become a veil between God and others, meaning that you call people toward God and not toward yourself.
The following anecdote from 'Attar's Tadhkirat al-awliya' (Memorial of the Saints) may serve to illustrate this:
The Sufi master, Abu Uthman Hiri, once told another master, Abu Hafs Haddad, "So enlightened have I become that I now lecture others concerning matters of divine knowledge."
"What led you to do this?", the other replied.
"Kindness toward others," he replied.
"And what is the extent of your kindness toward others?", countered Abu Hafs.
"To the extent," came the reply, "that if God were to put me in hell in place of all the sinners and subject me to all manner of torment, I would find it perfectly acceptable."
"In that case," said his companion, "more power to you! However, when you speak in gatherings, first counsel your heart and body. Then, do not let the crowd make you arrogant, for they see only your outward aspect, while God alone sees the inward."
After this, Abu Uthman went to the pulpit and began preaching, while Abu Hafs hid himself in a corner to observe. When the gathering finally ended, a beggar happened to pass by, asking for a shirt from anyone with which to clothe himself. Without hesitation, Abu Uthman took his off and gave it to the man.
"You liar!" Abu Hafs shouted from the corner where he stood. "Get down from that pulpit!"
"What lie have I told?", beseeched Abu Uthman.
"You claimed", rebuked the other, "that your kindness towards others was greater than that towards yourself. Yet here you are trying to excel in giving alms so that you can gain the merit of the 'excellers', seeing yourself as more worthy and better than anyone else. Had your claim been truly honest, you would have waited to give someone else a chance to excel. Therefore, you are a liar, and the pulpit is no place for liars!"

By Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

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Love is to flee from "I and we,"
To lie down in the shadow of the Friend.

It is to remove oneself from the middle,
to bring Him instead to the middle of one's soul.

It is to erase one's thoughts,
To tear up the intellect's notebook.

It is to wash one's hands of all but God,
To withdraw one's feet from this door or that.

It is not to read anything but the tale of love,
Not to witness anything in the soul but His reflection.

It is not to wish for anything but His company,
Not to hear anything but the words of the Friend.

It is not to pass through anyone else's roof,
But to fly steadily out of desire for Him.

It is not to go in search of anyone else,
But to run constantly towards Him alone.

It is to give away Nurbakhsh's soul and heart,
To receive God in return.

Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh


All Existence

This existence of yours comes from some other Source;
Whatever appears noteworthy in the world exists through Him.

No trace of 'other than God' can be found in the realm of Unity;
Here all signs of other become manifest through the light of His rays.

How long will you remain captive in the prison of 'I and you'?
Break the ego's cage-if you truly possess the skill.

How can you boast of your intellect which counts for so little in life?
Cling to love! Cling, for only love bears fruit.

Without love, no trace of existence would be or remain:
All existence becomes manifest through love.

This 'self' you rely on is but a veil upon your face:
Remove the veil and you will see the 'Other'.

The light bestowing life upon all the heavens
Comes forth from the bewitching breath of He who glances.

Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh


The Drop and the Ocean

As long as you remain a prisoner of yourself,
you'll be a drop, not the Ocean.
Remove the veil of selfishness from yourself,
and you'll see you are nothing but water.

People's acceptance has driven you
away from God.
Not until you've been completely disgraced
will you be allowed to enter the tavern of ruin.

If you truly desire Him,
don't follow your own desires.
You cannot exist for Him
if you exist for yourself.

Seek God! For life
is passing you by:
You're still worshipping
your ancestor's idols.

Stop pursuing all your wants
if Union with Him you want.
What's to be gained when every moment
you're entangled in your own gain?

Only when you've been annihilated from self
will you attain subsistence in God.
To reach the threshold of nothing but God,
you must first be negated.

Like Nurbakhsh, throw yourself
into the Ocean of annihilation:
Then witness with the eye of the Ocean
that you are that very Ocean.

Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

The King of Subsistence

My gaze is fixed upon no countenance but Yours;
My passing takes me through no lane but Yours.

I am a dead tree, good only for burning;
I bear no fruit in the garden of love.

However much wine You pour, I remain a submissive cup;
In my heart I have no complaint, and in my eyes no tears.

I am secure in Your sanctuary, content in Your being content;
Why should I be unhappy that I have no leaves or fruit?

No sooner did I step into the tavern of annihilation than I found,
That no trace of me was left before You, the King of Subsistence.

I sought to know about You;
When I did, I knew not myself.

I am Nurbakhsh, the bestower of light; all my life I have sought only You,
For I have no business, no concern with anything other than You.

Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh

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