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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member ksray.

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World/New Age

Welcome to the online mystical music store. You can check out some Sufi music players and buy any of their albums (I've listed my favorites) or search for something else. Which ever way you slice it, you'll get great music at great prices! Enjoy your visit and abandon yourself to the sounds of mystery in order to discover who really is God: Love, Beauty and Peace.
My love for you intoxicated me
and made me dance,
I am intoxicated and in ecstasy,
what can I do?
I will render the thanks of earth
and Heaven,
for I was earth, He made me Heaven.


Mohammad Reza Lotfi
He is one of the best traditional Iranian music players. He sings very inspired spiritual music.

Mystery of Love
You'll love them all! Sure!

She is simply great! With her angel-like voice...

Classical Vocal Art of Persia Tale of Love
You'll love them all!

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Through the beauty and the purity of his songs the master of Qawwali music is going to give you countless hours of enjoyment

Allah & the Prophet Ecstacy
Dam Mast Qalandar, Shahbaz Qalandar, Allahou Allahou

Shahram Nazeri
He is well-knowned wordlwide to be one of Masters of Persian Traditional Music!

Atash Dar Nayestan Mystified
Tasnif, Masnavi, Daramad, Deltang, Delkash, Tanha'i, Bobo and so on.

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member ksray.
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